Energy Efficient Smart Homes

Advantages of Energy Efficient Homes

Homebuyers are becoming increasingly sophisticated when it comes to the advantages of energy‑efficient homes. The great thing about purchasing a new home from Cavender Homes is that every home we build includes our SmartSuite, which takes energy efficiency to a whole new level. Cavender Homes is redefining smart in smart technology with our innovative SmartSuite. …

Q&A with Cavender Homes

Cavender Homes, a home builder in Princeton TX, answers some of the most common questions they get from new home buyers in this Q&A. We’d love to hear your own questions about your  home building and buying needs. Contact us today! What is a smart home? A Smart Home is a home equipped with lighting, …

What are the Advantages of Buying a Presale Home?

Presale homes are a great opportunity if you’re looking to buy a new home. If your presale home is located in a market where home values are increasing and demand is high, you can find yourself in a position where you gain equity in your new home before you even close. That’s just one example. …

Fresh Ideas for Smart Home Décor

Your new home at Morning Ridge in Princeton, TX is like a blank canvas – an exciting opportunity for  you to express your unique personal style and creativity. And since every new home at Morning Ridge includes SmartSuite technology, you may be looking for ideas on smart home décor. Cavender Homes, the Morning Ridge home …

Buying a New Smart Home vs. Resale

Your Home Should Be as Smart as You Are! Technology can both make our lives easier and save us time. That’s why it just makes sense to purchase a new home that includes the latest in Smart Home technology. Cavender Homes, a home builder Princeton TX, includes its SmartSuite standard in every new home at …

Cavender Homes SmartSuite Technology Overview

SmartSuite Technology Ready to live a more convenient life with fewer things to worry about? Then it’s time to discover the wonderful world of smart home technology. The smart house market is taking the real estate market by storm, and for good reason. Smart homes, and products, save homeowners time and money, while offering convenience …


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